User Facts

You say that this service is free. Is that really true?

Yes. Thanks to the support of CTIA - The Wireless Foundation and participating wireless service providers, all messages you receive from text4baby are free! Even if you don't have a text messaging plan, you can get these messages for free. If you have limited texting per month, text4baby won't take away from your total amount of messages.

How many messages will I receive in a week?

If you are pregnant, you will receive one message per day for the first six days with general information. After that, you will receive three messages a week throughout your pregnancy. If you have a new baby, you will receive three messages per week up until your child's first birthday. If you start using text4baby while you are pregnant, it will automatically continue after you give birth.

Are the messages personalized?

The text4baby messages are not personalized, but the information in each message is relevant to your pregnancy timeline or the age of your child.

Can I write back with questions?

Text4baby is a one-way educational program, so you can't write back. However, if you have specific questions, you can call the phone numbers you find in the messages. You can also ask your doctor, mid-wife, nurse, or other healthcare provider.

What if my due date changes?

If your due-date changes, you can update text4baby by texting the word "UPDATE" to 511411. You will be asked for the new due date, and then the messages you receive will be adjusted to your new date.

What topics do these messages cover?

These messages focus on a variety of topics critical to your health and the health of your baby, including immunization (shots), nutrition, seasonal flu, prenatal care, emotional well being, drugs and alcohol, labor and delivery, stopping smoking, breastfeeding, mental health, birth defects prevention, oral health, car seat safety, exercise and fitness, developmental milestones, safe sleep, family violence, and more.

What is the source of the messages?

Text4baby messages were developed by the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Health Resources and Services Administration. Following message development, they underwent a vigorous review process by several government organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Office on Women's Health and the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development.

How long will I receive text messages for?

The messages will continue throughout your pregnancy and your baby's first year.

Can I forward the messages to my friends?

Yes. We encourage you to share the messages with friends and family. Tell them to sign up, too!

What if I deliver my baby early?

If you deliver your baby early, you can update by texting UPDATE to 511411. You will then be prompted to text in your baby's actual birth day and messages will be readjusted.

How do I stop getting these messages?

To stop receiving texts from the text4baby service, you simply need text STOP to 511411.

What will happen with my information?

Information collected from you during registration is used to enroll you in the text4baby service and send you text4baby messages. Your information is not sold or shared with any third parties for any commercial purpose. Click here to review the text4Baby Privacy Policy.

Is this service available to people outside of the United States?

No. At present this service is only available to U.S. mobile phone subscribers. However, in many cases the messages will continue to be delivered to a subscriber that is roaming on a network outside of the U.S.

Is this service available to every mobile phone subscriber in the United States?

The majority but not all of mobile operators are providing this service. It is available to over 96% of people with cell phones. You can find the full list of participating carriers here. Every effort has been made to block service from non-participating carriers, but if you find you have been able to access the service and have been charged, please contact your wireless provider right away.

This has been promoted as a free service but I think I may have been charged by my carrier. What should I do?

Thanks to the support of CTIA - The Wireless Foundation and participating wireless service providers, all messages you receive from text4baby are free. If you suspect you may have been charged for messages to and from the service please call your wireless provider right away. They will give you a refund if you have been charged for the service by mistake.

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